From a patient who moved to Hawaii

Email dated June 23, 2011 to her parents.

Aloha Dad and Momma,

Dr. Jonathan Kam is my dentist who went to college at UCLA and Stanford. He told me that he knew Dr Nguyen from conferences and his excellent reputation. In fact, when Dr Kam examined my fillings, Dr Kam asked me who did my fillings because they were some of the best fillings he had ever seen and reported he was a “filling snob.” I told him Dr Nguyen in San Jose did my fillings and Dr Kam said, “Oh my gosh, I know him! He is an excellent dentist and one of the best.” Dr Kam told me to tell Dr Nguyen what an excellent job he did with my fillings. So, That’s the story:)


The waves were huge in Waikiki today! They were about 15 ft and yes, I surfed them! It was really fun and I had a great time surfing because it is very rare that Waikiki has big waves like today. I am really excited for Mom to come and wish you were coming too, Dad:( Hope you have a nice rest of the week and talk to you both soon.


I love you,



Alex Nguyen, DDS is a Saratoga Dentist who practices General Dentistry, Cosmetic, and Implant Dentistry. For over 20 years the practice has been serving the residents of Santa Clara County and San Francisco Bay Area.

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