Where to Start When it Comes to Implant Teeth

When it comes to Implant teeth, the work should begin with proper diagnosis and treatment planning with the restorative dentist who will fabricate your final restorations.  If the restorative dentist does not place the implants, he/she will coordinate with the surgeon so that the outcome of the treatment can be optimized for both esthetic and function.

In the case below the patient went to an oral surgeon before coming to me for a consultation for crowns to be placed on the implants in her mouth. This is actually a reversed pattern of treatment.  Sometimes the ideal final result cannot be achieved because the implants have been placed in the wrong position.

We will be gathering some detailed diagnostic records and studies to come up with a plan to restore these teeth, but there are obvious issues with the case.

In the X-ray you can see that Implant # 1 and # 2 were placed too close to each other.  Here are the potential problems:

1.  The crown for Implant # 1 may be much smaller than its ideal size.

2.  The gum tissue between the teeth for Implant # 1 and Implant # 2 will not have any room to sustain a normal shape and healthy environment.

On the other hand, you can also see that implant # 2 and # 3 were placed too far from each other.  Here are the potential problems:

1.  The crowns between these 2 implants may appear unusually large/wide and may not fit the patient’s smile esthetically.

2.  It may also be impossible to create normally looking gum tissue between these two implant teeth.

Additionally, Implant # 3 was placed too close to the adjacent natural tooth. This may cause the natural root to resorb if indeed the threads of the implants have impinged on the ligaments and/or root of the natural tooth.

To ensure an optimal dental implant result, it is always recommended that the patient seek proper consultation with qualified clinicians prior to proceeding with the treatments.

Blog.AlexNguyenDDS.Implant Xray 2. R17 copy


Alex Nguyen, DDS is a Saratoga Dentist who practices General Dentistry, Cosmetic, and Implant Dentistry. For over 20 years the practice has been serving the residents of Santa Clara County and San Francisco Bay Area.

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