A Look at a Porcelain Case at Eight Years Post-delivery

One of the most asked questions during treatment consultations is how long porcelain restorations last.

If the patient’s bite is stable with all factors such as fit, esthetics, and function are addressed then the porcelain restorations can last a long time.  The case below was photographed last week.  At over eight years since the delivery of the case, all six anterior porcelain restorations still function perfectly.  The esthetics of the case still exhibit proper contour, shade transition, intrinsic translucency, as well as surface texture.

With proper diagnosis, treatment planning, and delivery, the restorations have exceeded the patients’ expectations in both the esthetic result and longevity of the case.

AlexNguyendds.8YearsOldVeneers1 AlexNguyenDDS.8YearsOldVeneers2


Actual patient images of Alex Nguyen, DDS are copyrighted and digitally embedded to track unauthorized use.

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