About Me

My name is Alex Nguyen.  My career passion is to enhance, restore, and preserve people’s beautiful smiles.

Welcome to my blog.  Here I hope to share with you my everyday experience as a dentist.  Each unique experience or occurance in my office can be a valuable resource for anyone who maybe looking for answers to your dental treatment needs.

There are a lot of information here, so please use the “Search” box on the right column to find the topics that you may be interested in.

For general information about my practice please visit www.saratogadentist.com

If you have any question about any aspect of dental treatments, please feel free to contact me so that I can share my expertise with you and the public. Your comments and questions are greatly appreciated.  Together let’s unleash the secrets of beautiful smiles !

3 responses to “About Me

  • East St. Paul Dentisth

    Wow , This is very nice blog, It’s provide right information for every topics Your post is pretty useful for the dental community.Thanks for creating such a wonderful site. this site was not only knowledgeable but also very stimulating too.Thanks for all of the suggestions

  • N!V


    Hi , this is Nivedita from India.
    Actually from Jan’2013 I will be joining San Jose State University for my Graduation Programme. So I will coming there.
    My basic concern was that I have started my initial orthodontic dental treatment in India. I have put ceramic braces on my teeth (to minimise the gap and shift them back) 3 months ago.
    As I would be coming there, I wanted to know the expenses for its maintenance required after fitting those braces. I will get you the exact plan from my doctor.
    till then can you please let me know the expenses per sitting required for tightening the wire of some stuff (dont know the exact terms).

    My doctor adviced me the braces for 1.5 years so remaining treatment I would like to continue at your center.
    Also please let me know the distance of your center from San Jose State University.


  • alexnguyen

    Hello Nivedita !

    Thank You for your interest in my work. Orthodontic treatments are too complex to assess over email communication. Hence, I recommend that you come in for an in-person assessment once you are settled in San Jose. I can then direct you to the proper treatment options.
    I also work with excellent orthodontists in the area to ensure that the patient can achieve the best treatment outcome. It is important to note that the best orthodontic treatment addresses not only the cosmetic of the smile, but it also must address the functional stability.
    Our office is located about 13 miles from San Jose State University.
    Please feel free to contact us if you have any additional question.
    Thanks again, and have a nice day !

    Alex Nguyen, DDS

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