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Alex Nguyen, DDS Actual Patient Testimonial

Alex Nguyen, DDS
Actual Patient Testimonial

Dr. Alex H. Nguyen DDS and his dental team are one of the most professional people I have ever met. As a healthcare provider, I always aim to deliver excellent care to my patients. As a patient of Dr. Alex Nguyen, I experienced the type of care I expect from any healthcare professional. He is very thorough and ensures that you completely comprehend his treatment plan unique to your condition. He is meticulous and very detail oriented. His passion for his skill and dedication is evident by the incomparable outcome I have received. Throughout the entire process of my treatment, I felt the genuine care expressed by Dr. Nguyen and his amazing staff. The end result of my dental restoration exceeded my expectations. My family and friends have complimented me many times as I proudly present my healthy smile. He is highly recommended by me and my family. I truly believe that he is the best kept secret of Saratoga, CA.
M. Balmes, MD  – Feb 22, 2017

All feedbacks are from actual patients of record who will be more than happy to discuss with you their personal experience.

1.  From S. Ka.

I first met Dr. Nguyen in 2010 when I was researching cosmetic dentists in the Bay Area. Dr. Nguyen was the 3rd or 4th dentist I met.  I went with Dr. Alex after seeing his impressive profile of cases and because of the sense of competence and compassion he exuded in his practice.

Dr. Alex worked very closely with me over several iterations of designing my smile and was very patient throughout the process, explaining everything to the level of detail I was looking for.

My case of veneers and bonding turned out extremely well.   I’ve received several comments from all kinds of people, including a close friend who is a dentist that commented on how natural and aesthetic the result is.  Another hygienist had a hard time believing that I had veneers.  3 years later my smile appears as good as he when he finished his work, a testament to how he was able to stabilize my bite perfectly (which was the cause of wear on my teeth that led me to seek cosmetic dentistry in the first place).

In short, Dr. Alex is very meticulous with his work and has a balanced focus on aesthetics and function. He is a master artist and an exacting engineer at the same time, and I believe that he is  one of the best in the region for cosmetic or restorative work.  I do not hesitate in recommending him to anyone.

Even though I live in San Francisco I continue to see Dr. Alex for all my routine work and checkups and will do so for as long as I’m in the area.

2.  From Jane M.

Dr. Nguyen has been my dentist for the past 10 years and he is by far and away the best there is. He not only treated and rid my gum disease, he straightened my teeth and now I love my smile. The best part is his work is always pain free, although I can’t say the same for his jokes:) The office is well designed and has a very pleasing and relaxing Zen feel and the staff are friendly and efficient. Stacey, the office manager always greets me with a warm smile and does her best to accommodate my scheduling needs. Dr. Nguyen’s patience, understanding, vast experience and attention to detail has been instrumental in helping me to take better care of my teeth and gums and in my opinion that’s the hallmark of a great dentist. Thank you Dr. Nguyen!

3.  From Anja K.

Dr. Alex Nguyen is the “best in the west.” I drive up from Gilroy because I trust this dentist completely for the dental care for our entire family.  Dr. Nguyen and his staff are excellent, gentle and careful and my children are looking forward to their visits. He has been taking care of them for years. Dr. Nguyen pays attention to detail, is precise and gentle in his work.

I can’t speak more highly of Dr. Alex Nguyen.

4.  From Kim N.

Dr Alex H. Nguyen is professional, welcoming and extremely passionate about his work.

Alex won me as a client through his professionalism. He takes his time with every procedure and explains everything in detail why he is doing it. He is genuinely concerned about his patient’s comfort level and will go the extra mile to make sure patients will not feel any level of pain while under his care (he spent an extra 20 minutes with me so I was fully numb before he started my case).  Alex kept me as a patient because of all the above reasons, but most importantly because he is really passionate about his work. The way he talks about his work and the time that he invests in doing great work, really shows…  in his patient’s smile as well. 😀

I also referred some patients, who are very happy with Alex’s work and service who then referred more patients to him.

5.  From Jennifer A.

Full disclosure: I worked at Dr. Nguyen’s office many moons ago. I’ve been a patient ever since.

I finally decided to write a review because he recently saved a tooth. Trust me, he’s done much, much more to my formerly sad chompers, but this one was above and beyond.

I’ll start by saying that Dr. Alex is a perfectionist in everything he does. He’s always sharply dressed, every hair perfectly in place. His office feels like a swanky zen meditation studio. Aroma therapy. Bamboo floors. Tranquil colors. Calming music. Ahhhhhh. This drive for perfection is obvious in his work, too.

Having formerly worked there, I have seen countless cosmetic patients’ “before” and “after” looks. He’s a magician. He fits the cosmetic work (veneers, etc.) so perfectly to the patient, taking the person’s every facial feature into account to build the perfect smile.

Most recently, I saw him when I chipped my front tooth. He patched it up so perfectly, and so quickly, that even I couldn’t see it!

I’ll never trust my teeth to another dentist. Let’s just hope I never have to move out of state.

6.  From Kitty C.

If there was 6 stars, I would give it to Dr. Alex Nguyen.  A dentist who really knows what he is doing.  I can’t believe how lucky I was to have found him.  He is meticulous and is truly an artist in how he can reshape a smile.  He is empathetic and really listens to his patient’s needs.  I won’t see any other dentist now.  For general or cosmetic dentistry Dr. Nguyen sets the bar very high.  His assistant Stacy is another gem.  She takes care of everything with a smile! Always very accommodating to my schedule.
I did a lot of research around the whole Bay Area before I settled with Dr. Nguyen, and it sure paid off!

2 responses to “More Patient Feedbacks

  • Katherine Riches

    Dr. Nguyen is an incredible dentist. I grew with my father as a dentist (now retired) and have always taken notice of peoples smiles and dental work. My son recently had some bonding done to fill in gaps after braces. This was done to insure his bite was correct. Dr. Nguyen did a wonderful work. My son now has a perfect smile! Thank you Dr. Nguyen!

    • alexnguyen

      Thank You Katherine for your kind compliment. It means a lot when it comes from someone who has family members who are dentists. Conservative treatments are extremely important in our young patients to help them preserve the dentition for a life time. It’s always a pleasure for our team to see you and your family.

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